July 4th Pet Reminder

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, please be mindful if your pet has a history of being fearful of fireworks. If they do and they will be in an area where fireworks will be used, start making plans for how you will help them when the time comes. You may need to make sure they will be in a secure area where they cannot get loose and run away. You may simply need to keep them indoors. In extreme cases, they may need medication so make sure you have that on hand before you need it. While it is natural to want to comfort them if they are fearful, try to resist giving them the kind of attention that would encourage the fearful behavior. It is best to act normal and show them that you are calm and relaxed and they should be also. If you know that your pet has a fear of fireworks you should certainly avoid taking them with you to a fireworks show because they can become fearful, break free, and run away. Please call us at 405-751-1437 if you have any questions or need additional advice.

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